Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Truth Vs. Shifting Sands

Truth Vs. Shifting Sands

In today's world Truth is in conflict with
the Shifting Sands of Relativism and
Objectivity is lost in the battle. Every
Issue in life seems relative to the norm
or the World Viewpoint leaving Truth
Fallen In The Streets. It robs you of
your place in life.

A foundational understanding of Truth
opens the eyes, encourages the heart,
kindles the flames of hopes, and your
aspirations. Without this understanding
potential deminishes.

The Truth is Your Somebody a Individual with
excellent and endless possibilities. Each person
has a set of unique characteristics. Each heart
beats at a different rhythm, each eye has a
individual Iris different than others, each
fingerprint is different, and each persons
chemistry is slightly different than another
persons chemistry.

You are a Individual unique from the other
6 billion people on Earth. As amazing as
it may seem your not conformable to a set
mold as society/others try to put you in
to contain you.

They try to Label You, Define You, Train You,
and then they can Control You. The problem is
you don't fit into the mold leaving you to feel
out of place and hopelessly unfulfilled with a
lack of confidence and direction. This is life
absent from the Truth and based on the Shifting
Sand approach to life.

These are common emotions when the Truth is kept
from you and life is based on the Shifting Sands
of Fads and relativism. Come to a True Realization
of Yourself, Life and Your Potential!

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