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Vision For Living 2010 \ Self Actualization Perception Based On Gods Word

Vision For Living! 2010
Lesson ** 139 Wade Garner Ministries 2010 God Bless ! !

Vision For Living\Self Actualization\Perception Based On Gods Word

In our troubled world, many forces work to Label and to Identify &
Qualify YOU.
So few of them rarely properly state or line up with
who God says you are in
Christ. Were often judged by the past,
other peoples personal perceptions of us,
co-workers, family
members, tv norms and in general the terms that the world
on us. This does not agree with the creators viewpoint. So often
we miss
our True self because we believe family, world,
co-workers and the general world
viewpoint of who we are and
what our station in life is suppose to be. We will in
this study take
a look from Gods viewpoint as revealed in his Holy Scriptures. All

use of the scripture in our studies will be from the King James
1611 version of the Bible.

We have to start by saying that if you hear what the others are
saying rather
than what God says in Scripture you will miss the
truth of what has transpired.
You are a "New Creature" In Christ
Jesus according to II Corinthians 5:17. In the
Greek this is stated
a New Species so you are a New Creature in Christ Jesus, It
on to say that Old Things Have Passed Away, & All Things Are
Become New.
In other words since you accepted Jesus as Lord &
Saviour Of Your Life your not
the same old person. Your a New
Species Of Human. No more are you natural,
carnal or the same
old person you use to be, you have changed. Your now a
Filled, New Born Creature, Blood Bought Child Of The Most High
God. Your
not the same anymore at all. Just as a relationship in
Christ Re-Defines who you
are to a watching world they do not
understand Gods word enough to
acknowledge the changes you
have made through your new relationship with
Jesus. Simply
stated they have not the ability to give you credit for the New
because they themselves have not experienced his love or
have the knowledge of
the scripture to understand the changes
a Christian has received from Jesus.

Lets look at the changes from the "Old Man" to the "New Creature"
how different
it is and to make it work in your life first YOU have
to believe it so you can begin
to act upon it. We will look at what
God says about his "New Creature" and how
you have to start
seeing yourself in the way his Scripture declares you to be, not
before or as others "Label You". Their understanding and judgment
of you is not
the deciding factor but Gods Word IS. It does not
matter how they see you but it
is critically important how YOU see
yourself. Its vastly important that you see
yourself in the New
Light of Gods Word as a Believer in Christ Jesus. Your at a
time in
history where Self Perception and Gods Revealed Word Is
Important. Lets
Look at what God Says about his Child Born Into
The Kingdom Of God Through
Faith In Jesus Christ. I believe you
will see more what Christian Means.

1. We have already seen that according to II Corinthians 5:17
you are a new
creature (species in Greek), and that Old
Things have passed away and all
Things have become new.
You are a New Person not the old natural man.

2. II Corinthians 5:20 says your an Ambassador For Christ.
An Ambassador does
not represent the "Kingdom" he is
assigned to but the "Kingdom" he is from.
Your from a Heavenly
Kingdom and its Laws and Codes (Bible) you adhere to
represent to the Earthly Kingdom your Fathers Heavenly
Kingdom. Your Gods Representative.

3. I Peter 2:9 states that you are a Member of a Chosen
Generation so you have
been chosen out of many millions to be
a Member of Gods Chosen Ones. Hand
Picked by the Creator of
the Universe to Represent Him and enjoy his favor.
It goes on to
say that your a Member of the Royal Priesthood. Jesus Picked

you to be a Member of His Priesthood that he established new
while he was
here on Earth. Before Him you had to be a Levi to
be a Priest but Jesus has
established a New Priesthood with the
only requirement is that you be born
again (accept him by faith
as your Lord & Saviour). Its called a Royal
Priesthood because
Jesus is a King (King Of Kings & Lord Of Lords) and since
became a Christian Your a Priest in the Royal Priesthood. You
may not
have known your a Priest In The Royal Priesthood but
you are according to
Gods Word. So Your A Ambassador & A
Priest In The Royal Priesthood. Lets
see what else has been
hidden from you that others do not know either.

4. In Revelation 1:5-6 we read that Jesus confirms he has made
YOU to be a
King & A Priest in his Kingdom. Since your a King
you should Reign right....
In Romans 5:17 the Scripture confirms
likewise that YOU should Reign or
(Rule) in life by one
Christ Jesus. Thats correct YOU can Reign In Life!

Now that you have discovered that Gods Word says your an
Ambassador, a
Priest in the Royal Priesthood and a King through
salvation of Christ Jesus then
we must begin to see ourselves in
the Light of Gods Word and not by how the
world would define
you. They want you to be as before predictable, like other

people and regular among other things they want the Labels they
have given
you to stick. God says to you and me to see
yourselves differently not as you
use to be but as you are through
the changes salvation has brought. Its time
for us to place the
Word Of God above what others say, how we Feel and
believe the
Truth as given to us through His Word. He has plans for YOU and

the sooner you begin to see things his way the sooner the plans
will develop and manifest into your path of life.

God Bless you, I hope this message will stir the
Ambassador/Priest/King in you,
develop it more
with the study of Gods Word and WG Ministries.

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Your Loving Friend In Christ

Wade Garner

Truth Vs. Shifting Sands

Truth Vs. Shifting Sands

In today's world Truth is in conflict with
the Shifting Sands of Relativism and
Objectivity is lost in the battle. Every
Issue in life seems relative to the norm
or the World Viewpoint leaving Truth
Fallen In The Streets. It robs you of
your place in life.

A foundational understanding of Truth
opens the eyes, encourages the heart,
kindles the flames of hopes, and your
aspirations. Without this understanding
potential deminishes.

The Truth is Your Somebody a Individual with
excellent and endless possibilities. Each person
has a set of unique characteristics. Each heart
beats at a different rhythm, each eye has a
individual Iris different than others, each
fingerprint is different, and each persons
chemistry is slightly different than another
persons chemistry.

You are a Individual unique from the other
6 billion people on Earth. As amazing as
it may seem your not conformable to a set
mold as society/others try to put you in
to contain you.

They try to Label You, Define You, Train You,
and then they can Control You. The problem is
you don't fit into the mold leaving you to feel
out of place and hopelessly unfulfilled with a
lack of confidence and direction. This is life
absent from the Truth and based on the Shifting
Sand approach to life.

These are common emotions when the Truth is kept
from you and life is based on the Shifting Sands
of Fads and relativism. Come to a True Realization
of Yourself, Life and Your Potential!

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Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God & All These Things Will Be Given To You!

God Wants to give you the desires of your heart, read the previous posting. God Bless

God Loves You & Wants To Give You The Desires Of Your Heart !

Peace & Grace Unto You In Jesus Name. In John 1:1 we read that in the beginning was the Word and all things were created by the Word. In John 1:14 we see that the Word was made flesh and
dwelt among us (Jesus). Then in Psalms 37:4 we read that if we Delight Ourselves in the Lord (Word of God) (Jesus) he will give us the desires of our heart. Receive Jesus as Lord & Saviour and read the Bible (King James Version) and he will give you the desires of your heart. God Bless ! See our site for more teaching, prayer, and information: www.wadegarnerministries.bravehost.com